Healthcare Ethics Committee (HEC) Course (Mar 2016)

A Healthcare Ethics Committee (HEC) course is now available to organizations for $500/year (in addition to a base subscription) or to independent learners for $165/learner.

healthcare ethics committee course- CITI Program - research ethics and compliance


The HEC course focuses on developing the knowledge and skills necessary for being a successful HEC member. The course is primarily intended for current and prospective HEC members. It may also be useful to healthcare professionals who routinely have to identify, analyze, and resolve clinical ethics issues, as well as hospital, nursing home, and hospice administrators (especially those to whom the HEC reports). Read more in the HEC Catalog.


  • Healthcare Ethics Committee (HEC): Definition, Mission, and Organizational Structure
  • Healthcare Ethics Committee (HEC) Membership
  • Ethical Theories and Principles for Healthcare Ethics
  • Ethical Problem Identification, Analysis, and Solving
  • Informed Consent in the Clinical Setting
  • End-of-Life Issues: Capacitated Patients
  • Advance Directives (Living Wills)
  • Decision Making for Incapacitated Patients
  • End-of-Life Issues: Cultural Issues, Medical Futility, and Resuscitation
  • End-of-Life Issues: Brain Death, Palliative Sedation, Physician-Assisted Suicide, and Other Related Issues
  • Medical Confidentiality
  • Neonatal Ethics and Maternal-Fetal Ethical Issues
  • Overview of Allocation
  • Healthcare Ethics Committee (HEC) Educational Activities and Policy Development and Review
  • Clinical Ethics Consultation: Part 1
  • Clinical Ethics Consultation: Part 2

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