Useful CITI Features for Your Organization (Jul 2016)

We asked our team of content leaders, Help Desk members, continuing education department, and technical experts for ways in which administrators and learners could enhance their educational experience with CITI Program’s rich content. Here are a few features we strongly recommend.

Active and Inactive Course Listings

This feature provides great information about courses and modules your organization is currently providing to its learners. Organized by topics/groups, administrators can see what courses are being used, and the modules in those courses by stage, expiration date, and passing score.

How to Access

Once logged in, click on “Admin” tab of your account, select your organization, and view the active and inactive courses under Gradebooks/Groups section. View demonstration.

Organizational Member Information

This feature collects specific information from a learner so the organization can match up the downloaded records. The collected information can be used for identification, contact information, or to match records from the CITI Program to your organizational database. Each organization can customize what they collect in the profile area and the fields can be added, including any custom fields, to their downloaded reports (not completion reports). Another useful aspect is that learners can register with a personal email for their global account and list the organizational email for each of their account’s affiliated organizations.

How to Access

  • Learners enter the information during initial registration (See Step 6).
  • Learners can update the information once logged in, from the My Profiles tab of their account or by clicking on Update Institution Profile from the My Learner Tools section of their main menu.
  • Admins can view the information from their admin menu by clicking on Member Profile for a single member and then searching for a specific learner. Click on the learner’s name to open their profile and then click on Member Information.
  • Admins can make changes to the data collected in Member Information by contacting the CITI Program Help Desk.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Credits

This option offers institutional members completing their required training the opportunity to purchase CME credits (Physicians, Psychologists, Nursing, Social Work, others professions) toward recredentialing.

For selected courses they purchase, administrators can ensure CME credits are available to their members. They only need to list on institutional accounts the few CME certified modules which they may not require for institutional training, thus allowing learners to also complete these modules and qualify for CME awards.

The availability of and access to CME credits is a value addition to institutions as well as to learners as it can serve as an incentive to members to engage in their training sooner.

How to Access

Learn more about continuing education credits.

See steps learners need to follow to qualify for CME certificates.

Series Catalogs and User Guides

Our catalogs and guides contain descriptions of all content. These documents provide useful information for more complex setups, such as Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Human Subjects Research (HSR), Biosafety and Biosecurity (BSS), and Animal Care and Use (ACU).

How to Access

Download from CITI Program's course pages.

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