CITI Program, a Division of BRANY - FAQ

Does the purchase of CITI Program affect my organization's subscription status?

An organization’s current subscription status will not be affected. Organizations will retain the same subscription period, and no actions are necessary for users to continue using CITI Program content.

Where do payments for subscriptions go?

Payments to the CITI Program should be remitted to:

CITI Program, a division of BRANY
1981 Marcus Avenue, Suite 210
Lake Success, NY 11042

How should checks be filled out?

Pay to the order of: CITI Program, a division of BRANY.

Pay to the order of: CITI Program, a division of BRANY

Who should I contact about my organization's subscription?

For more information regarding your organization’s subscription, please contact our billing department at or call 888.529.5929.

Are there any combined or packaged services associated with the other BRANY divisions (HRP, Protocol Builder, etc.)?

At the moment, there are no combined or packaged services associated with other BRANY divisions available. More information about all of BRANY’s services and divisions is available as follows:

Does the purchase affect how learners at my organization receive information from the CITI Program's website?

Organizations will continue to access information similarly. If there are any updates or changes to this process, a notification with instructions will be sent to organizational administrators.

What changes will I see at CITI in the coming months?

The CITI program and its brand will remain the same. Over the coming months, we will invest in upgrading our public, administrative and learner sites as part of our commitment to providing a high quality experience to our users.

Are there new contact emails or phone numbers for the CITI Program and its departments?

CITI Program email addresses and telephone numbers were recently updated.



Will there be a change to the CITI Program's URL or other website information?

CITI Program will remain at

Will the leadership and staffing of CITI remain the same?

Yes, all of the CITI leadership, including Paul Braunschweiger, PhD, Founder and staff remains the same.

Will CITI continue to foster an academic approach to learning under BRANY?

Yes. CITI will continue to work with thought leaders at University of Miami and nationally through CITI's Executive and Program Advisory Committees. BRANY is owned by four academic medical centers (Icahn School of Medicine, NYU School of Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center and the Northwell Health) and will provide CITI access to thought leaders at these institutions.

Will there be program changes — more or less content, or more areas of focus?

CITI Program’s commitment to adding new content will continue to remain the same.

My organization just sent a payment in to the University of Miami, how will this be applied to our account?

Payments will be credited to your account as usual. If any actions are required, a CITI Program administrator will contact you or your organization.

My organization's subscription is due in the next few months. When should we be receiving an invoice?

Invoices will be issued 60 days before the subscription renewal period.

My organization pays by credit card. What information will be listed as the "Payee?"

The “Payee” on credit card statements will appear as “CITI Program, a division of BRANY.”

My organization has an existing PO for the CITI Program. Is there updated documentation (such as, as a W-9) so that it can be updated accordingly?

For more information or documentation, please contact

What if I have additional questions about the CITI Program?

You can contact CITI Program via its Help Desk at 888.529.5929, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time (EST/EDT) or

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