Fresh Look at Refresher Training (May 2018)

Retraining is important to ensure that researchers, IRB members, IRB administrators, and others are current with developments in research. Research training should both refresh on the basic content, but also reflect new policies and updates to regulations. The frequency of retraining should be decided by the organization as to when refresher training is required, who should be refreshed, and what should be included.

Organizational administrators may want to consider revisiting their refresher training selections, especially for learners who have already completed the basic and standard refresher courses, or for those looking for alternative refresher training or wanting to explore different research topics.

CITI Program offers many choices for retraining, so learners would not need to repeat the basic course they previously completed. These options include:
  • Utilizing refresher courses
  • Letting learners select which modules to complete
  • Creating new stages with groupings of modules on different topics
  • Offering other courses for learners (for example, Good Clinical Practice or Revised Common Rule course)

Refresher Courses

For Human Subjects Research (HSR) training, CITI Program offers separate refresher courses for both Biomed and SBE tracks.

For example, a learner group for investigators would include:
  • Stage 1 - Year 0 - Basic Biomed Course
  • Stage 2 - Year 3 - Biomed Refresher 1
  • Stage 3 - Year 6 - Biomed Refresher 2
  • Stage 4 - Year 9 - Biomed Refresher 3  

Using Elective Modules to Create Refresher Stage

Learners appreciate learning that is relevant, practical, and self-directed. It may be helpful to create a refresher stage that includes a selection of modules (for example, 15 different additional modules of interest), and require the learner to choose 8 modules to complete. Learners can pick the modules that are most relevant, practical, and interesting to them to complete.

Using Groupings of Additional Modules of Interest to Create Refresher Stage

CITI Program offers a diverse array of modules on different research topics. In the additional modules of interest, CITI Program includes over 40 modules exploring research topics such as Phase I research, FERPA, disaster research, and community-engaged research.

For example, a refresher course could be a curated selection of modules on a single topic, such as: 
  • Community-Engaged Research
  • Advanced Issues in Informed Consent
  • Understanding Populations in Research that Require Additional Protections
  • Essentials of Public Health Research
  • External IRB and Single IRB Review


CME credits for physicians, psychologists, nurses, and Certificates of Participation for other professions, are available for purchase to learners completing select CITI Program courses. They are highly valued as they can be submitted to licensing agencies toward re-certification. Although not necessarily required for organizational training, administrators should add additional CME certified modules necessary to ensure learners have the option to purchase these credits. The additional modules may be designated as elective or supplemental.

Additional information about CME credits can be found at our CME credits FAQs.

Contact CITI Program Support

For help with reviewing current learner group stages and organizational set-up or updating refresher training, contact CITI Support
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