Updated Guide to Getting Started

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  1. Logging In
  2. Your Institutional Affiliations
  3. Your Assigned Courses
  4. Starting and Completing Your Courses
  5. Sharing Your Course Completions
  6. Your Personal Information
  7. Obtaining Continuing Education Credits
  8. Getting Help

---- 1. Logging In ----

There are two ways to log in to CITI Program's Learning Management System (LMS): (1) "CITI Program credentials"; or (2) your organization's "Single Sign On (SSO) credentials."
  • If you are new to CITI Program, and your organization does not use Single Sign On (SSO), you will need to REGISTER (create) a new account, which will include creating a CITI username and password.

    Go to https://www.citiprogram.org/login, then click on the REGISTER tab.
  • If you have already created an account with a CITI Program username and password, click on the LOG IN tab and enter your credentials.
  • If you have forgotten your CITI Program username or password, use the "Forgot?" links to recover your account credentials via email. If you need additional assistance, please contact us.
  • If your institution uses Single Sign On (SSO), visit their CITI Program login page and log in using your institutional credentials. If you cannot find that page, you can also access it via https://www.citiprogram.org/login and clicking on the LOG IN THROUGH MY INSTITUTION tab.

    If you are using your institution's Single Sign On (SSO) to access CITI Program, but have forgotten the credentials, contact an appropriate person at your organization such as the information technology division.
  • Note that some institutions allow access to their courses using both CITI Program credentials and SSO credentials. Others pick one or the other exclusively. Contact an administrator at your institution for more information on the preferred/required login method(s).

---- 2. Your Institutional Affiliations ----

Once you log in, your starting point is the "Courses" page. (Those familiar with earlier versions of CITI Program will know it as "Main Menu / My Courses.") 

The "Courses" page provides links to all your Institutional Courses (those sponsored by institutions with which you are affiliated) as well as those you may have purchased yourself as an Independent Learner. Click on one of the View Courses links for the course listing of interest.

If an institution which you are affiliated with does not appear on the list, click on Add an Affiliation. If you wish to remove one of the listed affiliations, click on Remove an Affiliation. If you remove an affiliation you will still have access to records of courses completed for that institution (see section 5 - Sharing Your Course Completions). You will not be able to take any new courses under for that institution unless you add it as a new affiliation.

Note that you may affiliate with more than one institution. If there are modules common to the course requirements of multiple institutions, you will only be required to take those once.

---- 3. Your Assigned Courses ----

After you click on a View Courses link for an affiliated institution, you will see a course listing "filtered" for that institution. You can clear or change the filter to see other listings. The course listing is divided into Active Courses (courses you have started), Courses Ready to Begin (not yet started), and Completed Courses.

For each affiliated institution the Learner Tools links provide options designed to help you​ with tasks for that institution's courses:

  • Add a Course takes you to the course enrollment questions where your responses will add you to the correct learner group.
  • Remove a Course takes you to your current course list, allowing you to de-select any that are not appropriate for you.
  • View Previously Completed Coursework allows you to see your past scores, view course expiration dates, and print-view-share completion records. (For more, see section 5 - Sharing Your Course Completions.)
  • Update Institution Profile allows you to update your institution-specific details, such as your institutional ID or employee number, email, department, role in research, etc.
  • View Instructions Page provides institution-specific information, if your institution has provided it.
  • Remove Affiliation allows you to remove the institutional affiliation.
When Registering (creating) an account, or when you "Add a Course" via Learner Tools for an affiliated institution:
  • You will be presented with a series of questions or options to enable you to enroll in the Learner Group (and associated courses) appropriate to the curriculum selected by your institution, or as your own interests dictate.
  • Your role in research does not affect your curriculum choices. The course set into which you are enrolled in depends only on your answers to the "Select Curriculum" questions.
As noted, the starting page after Registration and when you log in is "Courses." The View Courses buttons on this page take you to the lists of courses you have currently selected for each institution (and any Independent Learner courses you may have purchased).

---- 4. Starting and Completing Your Courses ----

Click the title of a course to begin or continue the course.
  • Your must first complete the Integrity Assurance Statement presented at the top after clicking a course title. The system will not allow you to start the course modules until you have clicked the "accept" boxes.
  • To complete and pass a course, you must achieve an average minimum passing grade on (1) the quizzes associated with Required modules set by your institution; and (2) the quizzes associated with the minimum number of Elective modules the institution has specified, if any.
  • Note that for some courses the institution has specified a required minimum grade per quiz, in addition to the minimum average score for the quizzes overall. If set, you must also meet this requirement to pass.
  • Institutions may also include Supplemental (optional) modules with a course. These are entirely optional, and scores on the associated quizzes do not affect passing requirements. You may return to the course at a future time to review these modules if you prefer.
When you meet the course passing requirements, you will be presented with a menu of options for what to do next:


---- 5. Sharing Your Course Completions ----

CITI Program offers two kinds of documentation to reflect a course completion: Completion Reports and Completion Certificates. Both are available from the Records tab for courses completed under all institutional affiliations, or as an Independent Learner.

  • Completion Reports are "transcripts" that include all quiz scores. Part 1 shows scores at the time you completed and passed the course. Part 2 reflects any subsequent quiz attempts.

  • Completion Certificates are "diplomas" that do not include quiz scores. They are more suitable for sharing on sites like LinkedIn.

Each Completion Report and Completion Certificate has a unique "verify" link that you can send to others to share your results (or use for online posting).

For some institutions, a copy of the Completion Report will be automatically sent to an administrator via email, or provided in an automated data transfer. However, this is not always the case, so you may need to use the View-Print-Share or Share Link buttons to send a copy of a Report or Certificate to your administrator.

---- 6. Changing Your Personal Information ----

We store information about you, such as your name and your preferred email address(es). The institutions with which you are affiliated also request that we collect information about you. These data are stored in your "Profiles." You can change Profile information by clicking on the down-arrow icon next to your name, and then clicking on Profiles.

Note that information for institutional profiles reflect what has been requested by the subscribing institution(s) sponsoring your course access. Some ask for only a little; some ask for a lot.

---- 7. Obtaining Continuing Education Credits ----

You can enable Continuing Education options by clicking on the "CEUs" navigation element, selecting "yes," and then selecting the particular type of CEs for which you wish to be eligible.

Note that purchase of Continuing Education credits is not required for CITI Program course completions. This is an optional service provided to professionals who wish to purchase CEs for CITI Program courses that they have completed.

---- 8. Getting Help ----

You can contact our Support Group at any time by clicking on the Support tab and filling out the email request form.

Phone support is also available, by calling 888.529.5929 (Mon - Fri, 8:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time).

Note that questions regarding your training requirements should be addressed to your institution's training coordinator.

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