Deactivation of CITI Program Accounts

CITI Program accounts may be deactivated at the request of the person to whom the account is assigned. Email requests for deactivation should be sent to, and include the CITI username and member ID associated with the account.

If the request does not originate from an email address on record for that account, additional proof of identity may be required. We cannot accept deactivation requests on the basis of a phone call, since that does not allow proof of identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am getting notices from one or more institutions with which I am no longer affiliated. Do I need to deactivate my account to stop that?

No. If you are receiving notices from an institution with which you are no longer affiliated, you need only log in and "Remove Affiliation" for that institution. The notices will cease.

If you no longer have access to the account, we can restore your login credentials (upon proof of identity). Or the Support team can make that change on request to (again requiring proof of identity).

Can I have my account records deleted entirely?

In general, we do not delete account records entirely, so that data on prior activities and course completions (if any) are available if needed in the future. If your course access was provided via an institutional affiliation, that institution will generally require that we retain your records for their own verification purposes.

Only if your course access was entirely provided as an Independent Learner, for courses for which you yourself paid, may an account record be deleted entirely. As with deactivation, this requires a request to (and is subject to proof of identity).

What about the "right to be forgotten"?

A right to deletion of data exists under the GDPR. Strictly speaking, this right extends only to citizens or residents of EEA countries. However, CITI Program extends this to all customers. But it is subject to the limitation described above for institution-sponsored accounts. Only accounts for which the individual him- or her-self has self-paid are entitled to full deletion.

For more details, see CITI Program's Privacy Policy.
Last Updated: 19-Mar-2019 12:14 p.m. EDT
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