Audio-Visual vs. Classic Content Formats

CITI Program will offer an updated content format as an alternative for some of its courses. 

The "Audio-Visual" content format offers a more slideshow-like presentation, as well as features like "resume" (from the point of previous interaction with the content) and optional audio narration. ‚Äč

Course content will remain available in the "Classic" format for persons who prefer a more conventional web-page presentation, which allows scrolling a single page of text and images.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages and disadvantages?
Classic is generally better for smaller screens, such as phones and small tablets, or where bandwidth is a concern. Audio-Visual format is more appropriate for desktop and laptop screens. Beyond that, it's largely a matter of personal taste.

How do the slides in the Audio-Visual format work?
The interface uses standard forward- and backward-facing arrow icons to move through the slides of the module. For any particular slide, the progress bar shows movement within its video content and allows selection of particular segments.

Are all the slides narrated? Do I have to listen to the narration?
Audio narration is available for much of the content in the Audio-Visual format. It can be turned on or off at the learner's discretion.

Are there different quizzes for Audio-Visual vs. Classic?
No. The quizzes are identical.

Will the choice of format affect my Completion Report or Completion Certificate?

Will I be able to choose Audio-Visual or Classic format for every module?
Yes, but only for modules for which the Audio-Visual format is available. Initially, only a few courses will offer modules in the new format.

Will the system remember my choice of Audio-Visual vs. Classic format?
Not at present. In a future release, a default format preference will be set at the learner's discretion.

Does it take more time to complete the Audio-Visual or Classic format?
The content is identical. Depending on one's preferences for content presentation and learning style, one format may be faster to complete than the other.

Will I be able to leave and return to the point I was at previously?
Yes, for the Audio-Visual format, which has a "resume" functionality. Not for the Classic format.

Is the Audio-Visual format updated with the revised Common Rule? Or other changes?
Yes. Audio-Visual and Classic format content are updated at the same time for any module that offers the option.

What about ADA/508 accessibility?
In general the Classic format is preferable for persons using screen readers to access content.

What if I have questions or technical issues using the Next-Gen format?
As with any other aspect of using CITI Program, contact the Support Team for assistance.
Last Updated: 08-Mar-2019 12:29 p.m. EST
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